About Me

My name is Jesse, I live in North Vancouver, British Columbia, I’m married to an incredible woman named Sabrina and we have 2 young bucks (and future fishermen) named Asher & Levi. I’ve been passionate about fishing since I was a toddler trying to catch fish with my minnow net in any type of water. I also love researching and buying fishing tackle. In fact, I may have a tackle addiction which is a big part of the why I created this site, which my wife would say “is a healthier and more affordable outlet”.

About BC Fishing Journal (BCFJ)

I’ve found a lot of value in keeping a fishing journal of my fishing trips, tackle and strategies. Over time I’m seeing patterns amongst fish behavior, lures, run times and water conditions from these journals. In putting these journals, tips and tackle recommendations online I’m hoping to promote sports fishing in a respectful and educational format. My hope is that BCFJ would be an interesting and informative site based on my few successes and countless failures.


Journal posts come in a variety of subjects from details on my fishing trips, fishing in politics and other social responsibility posts.

Tips are educational pages on a number of fishing topics like How To’s, tackle setups, fishing location maps, fishing strategies and many more educational topics.

Tackle posts detail my obsession with fishing tackle/gear. Here I include all my tackle recommendations and research for all types of species, water and fishing categories. I hope this saves you some time when you’re buying tackle!

YouTube channel and Gallery content is another creative fishing outlet for me. I love bringing my GoPro & camera along during my fishing excursions and finding new perspectives to capture the outdoors. On my YouTube channel I’m looking to build quality content in relation to fishing action, education and tackle reviews.

Check these pages out and would love to receive any feedback! Lastly, please feel free to drop me a comment or question on the Contact page.

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